A Beautiful Concept Of An Imaginary City In The Sky


Here's some wonderful mid-week inspiration for your creative senses. 'City in the sky' is a conceptual rendition of a beautiful imaginary city above today's dense and polluted metropolitan areas. A quieter, greener place in the sky, filled with peace and tranquility to help you escape from the stress of everyday life. … [Read more...]

29 Effective Ways To Stay Creative


We're all short of creative juice at some point of time. The daily hustle leaves us with little time to recharge our batteries and sharpen our skills. Today's high pressure environment coupled with stiff deadlines can sometimes drag your morale down and that killer idea/design might seem hard to achieve. In times like these, having a positive attitude is … [Read more...]

10 Great Landscape Photos That Are Actually Small Scale Models


New Jersey-based diorama artist Matthew Albanese creates fascinating landscape photos out of meticulously detailed small scale models. Clever photography techniques involving scale, depth of field and lighting combined with innovative use of various materials help create these breathtaking images. … [Read more...]

15-Year-Old African Prodigy Wows MIT University Experts [VIDEO]


Kelvin Doe is a self-taught engineering whiz-kid living in Sierra Leone (ranked 9th poorest country in the world). He builds batteries, generators and transmitters from spare parts found in trash bins. He's even created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and music under the nickname "DJ Focus". What else sets him apart? He's also the youngest … [Read more...]

25 Crazy Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped


A few weeks back, we posted 30 Mind Blowingly Realistic Pencil Drawings which prompted a lot of disbelievers on social media to question the authenticity of the drawings. Well, thanks to Google, most doubts were quickly cleared. In continuum with the 'mind blowing' trend we give you 25 crazy images, some of which you definitely won't believe weren't … [Read more...]