Designers Are Sharing Their Everyday Problems On Twitter, Here Are The Funniest Ones


Designers across the globe are using the hashtag #DesignerProblems to share their funny everyday problems, quirks and experiences on Twitter. From 'slow loading time' and client feedback to typography and OCD, the design Twitterati is letting off steam big time. Here are a few of the best ones. … Check it out ▸

Funny Department Store Ad Shows Real-Life Shoplifters Caught Red-Handed


British department store Harvey Nichols has come up with an amusing ad to promote its rewards app. The 90-second video features real CCTV footage of shoplifters caught in the act and trying to escape. Their faces were obscured with funny animations to protect their identity. The tagline at the end says "Love freebies? Get them legally". Check it out below. … Check it out ▸

27 Useful Design Tips Explained With Beautiful Graphics


Poppie Pack, senior graphic designer at Canva, has put together a handy list of design tips complemented by beautiful images with inspiring quotes. From typography and layout to image editing and color usage, the list covers some crucial aspects of design that both newbies and professionals will appreciate. We've shortlisted 27 of our favourites to share … Check it out ▸

36 Stunning Photos Taken By A Guy Who Quit His Job And Became An Instagram Celebrity


Sometime back, we showed you why it's never too late to start your own venture. Today's post will once again inspire you to follow your dreams and pursue your passions. … Check it out ▸

Punny Pixels – A Series Of Clever Visual Puns That’ll Make You Smile


Punny Pixels is a fun series of visual puns by Singapore-based ad creatives Eunice Ng and Nandini Trivedi. The art-copy duo's love for clever puns, wordplay and graphic illustrations resulted in this witty, ever-growing collection that's gained quite a following on Instagram. Here are a few of their best ones. … Check it out ▸

These Cute Illustrated Ads Remind Us To Give Up Our Seats To Pregnant Women


Shanghai-based advertising creative Shiyang He has created a series of cute 3D illustrations that remind us to "stand up for the pregnant". The ads show a pregnant woman with a baby in her womb, standing next to a seated individual with beer and food in their belly. The tagline says "Give up your seat to someone carrying something more important". Check them … Check it out ▸

This Heartwarming Stunt By Coke Reminds Us To Never Judge People By Their Appearance


According to a clinical psychology study, it only takes seven seconds for us to judge a person when we first meet them. In Ramadan, the month of goodness, Coca-Cola wanted to remind everyone not to base their opinions on appearances. They conducted a social experiment where they invited six different people to an Iftar (evening meal after the Ramadan fast) … Check it out ▸

10 Babies Show Off Their ‘Pooface’ In This Epic Pampers Ad That’ll Make You Laugh


Wether you like babies or not, you're going to love this hilarious Pampers ad from Saatchi & Saatchi London. The 75-second spot shows the facial expressions of ten adorable babies in super slow motion, right when they're about to perform 'number two'. The ad was shot at 400 frames per second by film production company Great Guns and won awards for … Check it out ▸

Artist Creates Fascinating Visuals By Cleverly Placing 2 Different Photos Side By Side


'ComboPhoto' is an interesting personal project by Atlanta-based art/creative director Stephen McMennamy. He clicks photographs of two different objects, splits them in half and places them next to each other to form a funny, quirky mash-up that boggles the mind. No Photoshop, just clever photography and placement. Check it out below. … Check it out ▸

LOL: 10 Famous Proverbs Tweaked For Graphic Designers


Manchester-based graphic designer Madrigal Creative has created an amusing series of  'Graphic Design Proverbs' by combining famous proverbs with graphic design puns. So, "Better safe than sorry" becomes "Better SAVE than sorry" and "Marry in haste, repent at leisure" becomes "MERGE in haste, repent at leisure". Check out the full list below. … Check it out ▸

Male Vs Female Color Perceptions And Preferences


Traditionally, baby boys are wrapped in blue and baby girls in pink. A few years later, you can tell a boy's room from a girl's room just by observing the color combos (and the cleanliness ;) ). As we grow up, gender color preferences are visible in everything from wardrobes to cars (though nowadays the line is thinning). … Check it out ▸

35 Funniest Book Titles And Covers


Make no mistake about it, each of these books is (or was) actually available for sale. Though we have no clue how many copies books like “Fancy Coffins” and “Goodbye Testicles” sold, we’re pretty sure their titles made more buzz than the content inside. Check out the list below. … Check it out ▸

We’re All Guilty Of It, But This Brilliant Video Will Make You Change Your Habit


Here's a powerful PSA by Colgate that addresses a wasteful habit we're all guilty of - leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth. The 30-second spot shows a split screen between a city girl brushing her teeth while checking her phone and an impoverished girl child walking on dry, barren land. Watch the video for more. … Check it out ▸

“Don’t Let Colors Run Out When You Need Them” – These Ink Cartridge Ads Are Hilarious


Here's a funny campaign by Ogilvy Colombia for Ecofill Printer Cartridges that just won a Gold Lion under the outdoor category at Cannes. The 4-ad series shows different groups of people, inappropriately losing their cyan/magenta/yellow/black clothes with a tagline that says "Don't let colors run out when you need them the most." Check them out below. … Check it out ▸

This Artist Completes His Cut-Out Sketches Using Skies And Sceneries As Backdrops


Architect, visual artist and fashion illustrator Shamekh Al-Bluwi has found an ingenious way to combine his passions. The half Saudi, half Jordanian artist uses skies, buildings and everyday patterns to 'fill' his cut-out sketches. The end-results are brilliant to say the least. Check them out below. … Check it out ▸