50 Incredibly Creative Online Banner Ads

A collection of 50 super creative banner ads from across the globe. Includes all-time classics, Cannes winners and banners that make you ask yourself – “Now why didn’t I think of that?” This is online advertising at its creative best.

 Please note  Click images to view complete animated creatives. Flash browser plug-in required. Disclaimer: All logos and banners are properties of their respective brands and organizations.

Fedex - Just in time

Fedex – Just in time

Aides - Protegez Vous

Aides – Protegez Vous

Malteser - Typo Crash

Malteser – Typo Crash

Volkswagen - Like a Rabbit

Volkswagen – Like a Rabbit

Pringles - Click

Pringles – Click

Amnesty - Cluster bombs

Amnesty – Cluster bombs

Audi - Curves

Audi – Curves

GlaxoSmithKline - Party

GlaxoSmithKline – Party

Itau Insurance - Crash

Itau Insurance – Crash

IBM - Smart Roads

IBM – Smart Roads

Quit Victoria - Take a deep breath

Quit Victoria – Take a deep breath

Gatorade - Push toy

Gatorade – Push toy

Nissan - Reverse

Nissan – Reverse

Ikea - Resize a room

Ikea – Resize a room

NHS - Beer Goggles

NHS – Beer Goggles

VW Golf - Australia launch

VW Golf – Australia launch

Amnesty - Hangman

Amnesty – Hangman

Opinel - Cut

Opinel – Cut

Nivea - Time

Nivea – Time

Mercedes SLS AMG - Pedal

Mercedes SLS AMG – Pedal

Brastemp - Water Purifier

Brastemp – Water Purifier

A&E - Fugitive Chronicles

A&E – Fugitive Chronicles

Amanco - Toilet

Amanco – Toilet

Terminator 4 - Los Angeles 2018

Terminator 4 – Los Angeles 2018

McDonalds - Make it better

Vizir - Dirty Cursor

Vizir – Dirty Cursor

Unilever - Knorr

Unilever – Knorr

WD 40 - Always handy

WD 40 – Always handy

Volkswagen EOS - Drive

Volkswagen EOS – Drive

Poliflor - Turntable

Poliflor – Turntable

Zafarelli - Bazza

Zafarelli – Bazza

Kellog - All Bran

Kellog – All Bran

Knife Crime - It doesn't have to happen

Knife Crime – It doesn’t have to happen

Ikea - Unbox the banner

Ikea – Unbox the banner

Sexy Magazine - Shake it

Sexy Magazine – Shake it

Orcon - Freedom to Change

Orcon – Freedom to Change

Picture Mag - Bra

Picture Mag – Bra

Blackberry - Shuffle

Blackberry – Shuffle

IBM - Elderly Customers

IBM – Elderly Customers

Fromms - Condom

Fromms – Condom

Golds Gym - Facebook

Golds Gym – Facebook

Hungryman - Now in Brazil

Hungryman – Now in Brazil

Madden NFL - YouTube Masthead

Madden NFL – YouTube Masthead

Volkswagen Jetta - Too Fast

Volkswagen Jetta – Too Fast

Adidas - Line Runner

Adidas – Line Runner

Aus Defence Force – Source Code

Fiat - Beer

Fiat – Beer

ScienceAndMaths.net - Rollercoaster

ScienceAndMaths.net – Rollercoaster

Lipton Ice Tea - Cool Down

Lipton Ice Tea – Cool Down

Bacardi - Shred the banner

Bacardi – Shred the banner

Via BannerBlog. Hope you enjoyed this compilation. Visit our advertising section for more great ads. Which one’s your favorite of the lot? Is there a banner you think should be on this list? Share this post and your feedback in the comments below.

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