How To Resize A Zillion Images In 4 Clicks On A Mac

We were surprised to learn that a lot of Mac users weren’t aware of this handy feature that makes your life easier if you resize a large number of images individually.

There are plenty of software out there that’ll do this, but if you own a Mac you don’t need to install any of those. Preview is more than enough.

1. Open all your images in Preview

Resize Images 1

2. Select all images by pressing Command ⌘+A

Resize Images 2

3. Go to Tools > Adjust Size

Resize Images 3

4. Fill in your required dimensions and press OK

Resize Images 4

Note: To resize all your images proportionately if they aren’t the same size, leave the height field at ‘Multiple values’ and tick the ‘Scale proportionally’ check box.

Thats it. Hope this comes in handy :).

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