WhatsApp Powered Toy Connects Kids Fighting Cancer To Their Loved Ones


Children suffering from cancer get lonely due to prolonged hospitalisation and treatments that keep them away from their normal routine. To counter their isolation, Amaral Carvalho Hospital and creative agency DM9Rio (Brazil) developed a line of special teddy bears called "ELO" that receive and store audio notes from WhatsApp. Each child was given a teddy … [Read more...]

How The Digital World Fuels The Physical Economy


The Internet has had a tremendous impact on the physical economy over the years. As global Internet usage increases, there's no doubt we'll see a furthered fueling of the gross domestic product. FEInternational just released a new infographic that takes an in-depth look into "How the Digital World Fuels the Physical Economy." … [Read more...]

Wife Not Letting You Watch The Game? Introducing The Vuvuzela Remote Control


Check out this cool marketing and product innovation by beIN Sports network. They've come up with a vuvuzela (loud plastic horn used by soccer fans) that works like a remote control and changes the television channel to beIN Sports every time you blow it. Why? So you soccer-fans can finally get your voice heard and watch the game instead of some boring crap. … [Read more...]

30 Super Cool Gadgets, Gizmos And Unique Gift Ideas


Check out these 30 cool gadgets and gizmos via GizmoJockey.com - a fun website that showcases the coolest gadgets available online. You’ll find wacky gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues. If nothing, you’ll enjoy browsing through the products just for fun. … [Read more...]