The Ideology Behind Apple’s Design Philosophy


Apple used this video titled "Designed by Apple - Intention" to open the WWDC keynote last week. In it, they describe the ideology and process behind designing an Apple product. In typical Apple-esque fashion, the ad offers elegant visuals with smooth narratives which makes for a compelling watch. … [Read more...]

Samsung Promotes Galaxy S4 Eye Sensor With 60 Minute Staring Contest


The Galaxy S4 comes with a built-in eye sensor that pauses your video when you look away from the screen and plays it back when you return. The sensor also keeps the screen lit when it detects the user is looking towards it (click here for a full list of features). To promote all these goodies Samsung and Swisscom came up with this cool marketing stunt titled "All Eyes On S4". … [Read more...]

Crazy CEO Destroys iPhone 5 And Galaxy S3 In Blender Lab Test


It's actually an extremely cool viral campaign. Tom Dickson is CEO of Blendtec, a Utah-based company that makes blenders, mixers and grain mills. He regularly blends odd products like iPhones, iPods, golf balls, marbles, remote controls etc. as part of a series of viral videos to promote his company's latest offerings. … [Read more...]

This Samsung Paralympics Commercial Is One Of The Most Inspiring Ads Ever


Sport doesn't discriminate between man, woman, tall, short, thin or big. It doesn't care where you're from and how much money you make. It doesn't care if you have one leg, two legs or wheels. Sport only cares that you're here to take part and give your all to win. That's the message of Samsung's brilliant ad for this year's Summer Paralympics in London. Check it out below. … [Read more...]