Dulcolax Laxative Comes Up With The Most Awkward Ad Of The Year

Dulcolax - Desperate Turds

If ever there was an ad that aroused mixed emotions, this is it. McCann Health in Shanghai came up with this awkward but well-executed print ad for Dulcolax Laxative which shows 'desperate turds' as prisoners trapped inside a colon staring down a hole with a tagline that says "Only you can set them free". … [Read more...]

19 Things That Clients And Bosses Should Stop Saying To Designers


Dear clients, account managers, creative directors and whomsoever it may concern - take note of these 19 statements that break the rules of creative etiquette and sends designer karma on a 6-ton lead ball headed straight for your rear end. It doesn't matter if you use these phrases unintentionally or wether you see little difference between designers and … [Read more...]

NYC Artist Uses Photoshop To Deglamorize Celebrities


New York based artist Danny Evans has come up with Planet Hiltron - a hilarious photo series of what Hollywood celebs would look like if they were normal folk. The 'make-under' series has become a rage on the internet with photoshopped depictions of the rich and famous, sans makeup and well toned bodies. … [Read more...]