10 Side Effects Of Becoming A Designer


The design profession comes with its fair share of rewards and challenges. As you evolve and move up in terms of experience, things change. You become more observant, more curious and pay more attention to detail. Looking at the lighter side of these quirks, the cool folks at Creative Market have created an amusing list of 10 side effects of becoming a designer. Check it out … [Read more...]

Funny Department Store Ad Shows Real-Life Shoplifters Caught Red-Handed


British department store Harvey Nichols has come up with an amusing ad to promote its rewards app. The 90-second video features real CCTV footage of shoplifters caught in the act and trying to escape. Their faces were obscured with funny animations to protect their identity. The tagline at the end says "Love freebies? Get them legally". Check it out below. … [Read more...]

LOL: 10 Famous Proverbs Tweaked For Graphic Designers


Manchester-based graphic designer Madrigal Creative has created an amusing series of  'Graphic Design Proverbs' by combining famous proverbs with graphic design puns. So, "Better safe than sorry" becomes "Better SAVE than sorry" and "Marry in haste, repent at leisure" becomes "MERGE in haste, repent at leisure". Check out the full list below. … [Read more...]

35 Funniest Book Titles And Covers


Make no mistake about it, each of these books is (or was) actually available for sale. Though we have no clue how many copies books like “Fancy Coffins” and “Goodbye Testicles” sold, we’re pretty sure their titles made more buzz than the content inside. Check out the list below. … [Read more...]

19 Funny Illustrations That Show The Two Kinds Of People In The World


There are two types of people…morning people and those who want to shoot morning people (designers are usually nocturnal and hence fall under the latter). Portuguese art director Joao Rocha has created a fun series of minimalist illustrations that classifies people into two broad groups based on their daily habits and preferences. Check it out below. … [Read more...]

11 Fonts That Designers Love To Hate


Every design project is unique and requires a typeface that matches the visual aesthetics and compliments the content. However, there are some typefaces that designers try to steer clear of, because they find them ugly, outdated or overused. … [Read more...]

LOL: 20 Lies Designers Tell Their Clients


Regular readers and subscribers of Digital Synopsis know that we've always been pro-designers and anti-clients (the annoying ones). Today's post is an exception and consists of 20 funny lies that designers tell their clients. From "golden ratios" to "international recognition", if you're a designer, you must have used at least one of these inflated jargons in your professional … [Read more...]

Here’s A Clever Billboard Designed To Make You Want Coffee


Based on the fact that yawning is contagious, Café Pelé came up with an interesting stunt at the Fradique Coutinho metro station in São Paulo. They installed a digital billboard with motion sensors that played a video of a man yawning every time someone came close to the display. As a result, most of the commuters themselves started yawning, after which, a crew of glamour girls … [Read more...]