15 Funny Confessions From Graphic And Web Designers; Which One Can You Relate To?


Be honest, have you ever used Comic Sans in your designs? Or a copyrighted image from Google Images? Do you really like the 'flat design' trend that's taken over every interface these days? How often do you actually kern? Creative Market has come up with a series of 15 typographic posters filled with funny confessions from designers who want take a load off … Check it out ▸

11 Hyundai Cars Write A Giant Message Of Love From A Girl To Her Astronaut Father In Space


Hyundai came up with an epic stunt to help a 13 year-old Houston girl send a message to her astronaut father aboard the International Space Station. They used 11 Genesis sedans to write an enormous 5.5 km² message across the Delamar Dry Lake in the Nevada desert. They also set a new Guinness World Record for the largest tyre track image (5.5 km² or 3.41 … Check it out ▸

50 Common Words You Use Everyday That Are Actually Trademarked Brand Names


Did you know that Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, Memory Stick, Post-It, Super Glue, Taser, Vaseline, Velcro and Xerox are all legally protected trademarks? They might be used generically by consumers but cannot be used by their competitors. Here's a list of marks that have been registered as trademarks and are actively enforced by their trademark owners. … Check it out ▸

Is That A Chameleon Or Two Body-Painted Women? Here’s The Answer


Check out this amazing piece of body art by Italian artist Johannes Stötter. What appears to be a photograph of a chameleon is actually two body-painted women lying on top of each other. Stötter took four hours to design the piece and six hours to body paint with the help of an assistant. The final result is incredible to say the least. Check it out below. … Check it out ▸

25 Incredibly Clever Logos Of Common Words You Use Everyday


Spanish Designer Lucas Gil-Turner has come up with 25 clever logo designs based on the top 25 most commonly used nouns in the Oxford English Dictionary. The list was released by Oxford University Press researchers in 2006, after the analysis of over a billion words. Double-meaning logos are always fun to look at and Lucas has done a fantastic job of … Check it out ▸

LOL: 9 Things Clients Say When They Don’t Want To Pay For Work


Mumbai-based creative agency Pixel Fox Studios has come up with a hilarious series of typography posters that show the stuff clients say when they don't want to pay full (or any) price for creative work. If you've been in the business long enough, we bet you've come across at least one of these phrases. If you're just venturing into the industry, think of … Check it out ▸

‘On The Rocks’ Has A Whole New Meaning With These Gorgeous Ice Cubes From Japan


Japanese whiskey maker Suntory and agency TBWA\Hakuhodo just won a Lotus at Adfest, Thailand, for this cool campaign titled 3D on the Rocks. They used blocks of ice, a CNC router chilled at -7° Celsius, and an app called Autodesk 123D to carve miniature versions of a Japanese Zen Temple, the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, Batman, Mario, a horse, a diamond … Check it out ▸

This Glow-In-The-Dark Spray Paint By Volvo Helps Keep Cyclists Safe At Night


Every year in the UK, over 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents. Volvo, being an advocate of road safety, wanted to go beyond just their drivers and reach out to people who share the road with them. They collaborated with Swedish startup Albedo100 and came up with Lifepaint, a unique reflective safety spray that's invisible in the day but glows at night … Check it out ▸

15 Funny Posters About This Generation’s Tech Addiction That Are Unfortunately True


As per a 2011 study released by CourseSmart and Wakefield Research, 38% of college students can't go 10 minutes without checking their email, tablet or smart phone. A 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that a significant majority of kids and teens spend about 75% of their waking hours attached to a screen of some sort. A Nielsen 2010 study … Check it out ▸

They Had No Money For Education, But This Brilliant Project Changed These People’s Lives


Labourers and blue collar workers in Dubai can get much better jobs and salaries if they learn English. But with relatively low monthly salaries and 12-hour shifts of hard labour, they neither have the money nor the time to educate themselves. SmartLife, an NGO for Dubai's labourers, wanted to help them improve their status and quality of life. They created … Check it out ▸

50 Funny Comics And Images That Web Designers And Developers Will Relate To


Few weeks back, we shared 27 funny posters and charts that graphic designers will relate to. The post was a huge hit with over 1 million views and 100,000 likes so far. Most of our readers wanted us to do a web designer/developer version of the same. Which is why today's post for our web-savvy friends is almost double the size of the previous one. Check out … Check it out ▸

Strangers Used Sign Language To Make His Day Easier, His Final Reaction Was Priceless


To promote their video call center for people with hearing problems, Samsung Turkey came up with a heartwarming stunt and caught it all on camera to create this wonderful ad. Titled "Hearing Hands", the spot shows a day (made special) in the life of Muharrem, a regular, likeable fellow who has a hearing loss. As he goes about his daily rotuine, Muharrem is … Check it out ▸

20 Photos Of Your Favourite Superheroes In Funny, Naughty And Unusual Situations


Superheroes are people too. When they’re not saving the world, they’re pretty much leading normal lives like the rest of us. That includes doing household chores, running errands, hanging out with friends, goofing around and trying to impress the women around them. Based on this crazy idea, Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjo offers a hilarious glimpse into … Check it out ▸

34 CSS Puns That’ll Make You Laugh, Even If You Aren’t A Web Designer


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language that defines how the content on a web page is to be displayed with colors, borders, fonts, backgrounds etc. Inspired by this Reddit thread, today's post showcases 34 CSS puns that'll put a smile on every web designer's face. The interesting bit is that even if you have no clue about the technicalities, … Check it out ▸

Creative Pick Up Lines To Use On Designers And Filmmakers


Conventional pick up lines are for conventional people. We creative types are different. To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, Mumbai-based digital production company Supari Studios came up with "Filmmaker's Pick Up Lines" - a series of five illustrations featuring clever one-liners that can be used on/by directors, cinematographers, graphic designers, … Check it out ▸