These Space-Saving Furniture Designs Are Amazingly Creative


With living spaces becoming pricier and smaller, space-saving furniture is more in demand than ever. One of the established players in this business is Italian furniture company Clei and Resource Furniture is the exclusive North American distributor for the same. Their video portfolio (below) showcases some of Clei's amazing modular designs and went viral … Check it out ▸

Canada’s New Passport Is The Coolest In The World, Just Look At These Ultraviolet Artworks


Canada's new passport comes loaded with hidden artwork since the past year and a half, but the truth only came to light (pun intended) when this Imgur user posted pictures of his friend's new passport two days back. Apparently, the pages consist of beautiful national icons and images created with optically variable ink that glows when placed under a black … Check it out ▸

No Matter How Busy You Are, Watch This And Take Time Out For Your Loved Ones


South African insurance company Dial Direct and agency Joe Public have come up with arguably the best ad of 2015 so far. Titled "The Notebook", the ad shows a young boy being ignored by his busy mother as he tries to hand her something. He starts doing the household chores to save her time and finally manages to show her that 'special something'. What is it? … Check it out ▸

The Origin And Evolution Of 12 Famous Advertising Slogans (Infographic)


Did you know that Nike's famous "Just Do It" slogan was inspired by a death-row inmate's final words? Or that Maxwell House Coffee's "Good to the last drop" slogan is 97 years old and was coined by US president Theodore Roosevelt? Advertising Age named De Beers' "A diamond is forever" the best slogan of the 20th century. The team at Best Marketing Degrees … Check it out ▸

How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell


Old but gold. A few years back, renowned cartoonist Matthew Inman (a.k.a. founder of The Oatmeal) came up with this epic comic strip that shows how idiotic clients drive web designers nuts with horrible feedback that makes their website look like crap. The sequence of events is hilariously depicted with footnotes from the author's actual experiences. Check … Check it out ▸

27 Funny Posters And Charts That Graphic Designers Will Relate To


We at DS come across a lot of memes, comics and artworks that offer a hilarious look into the life and mind of a graphic designer. So we thought, why not collate a few good ones into one cool post? Who knows, it might even drive some sense into an unreasonable client and make him/her change his/her attitude? Wishful thinking, we guess. Enough talk, check … Check it out ▸

50 Ways To Boost Your Brand (Infographic)


Here's something you might want to print and pin to your office wall or workstation. UK-based printing company Superlogo has come up with a simple but useful infographic that offers 50 valuable tips to help boost your brand. A few of these might be well-known, but most of them are often overlooked or forgotten in the everyday hustle. Plus, it's always … Check it out ▸

These Clever Photos Of Miniature Figures Take You Through Life In An Ad Agency


Every agency is unique in its own way but certain aspects remain the same. A buzzing work environment, difficult clients, weekend brainstormings, deadlines, booze-heavy parties and the endless debates between creative and accounts are just a few elements that can be found in most, if not all agencies. Ohio-based brand strategist Derrick Lin captures the … Check it out ▸

30 Powerful Artworks In Response To The Charlie Hebdo Shootings In Paris


After the the brutal massacre of ten members of Charlie Hebdo staff and two police officers in Paris, cartoonists from all over the world reacted with powerful but heartbreaking artwork to show solidarity with the victims. Here are 30 thought-provoking tweets with translations (where required). … Check it out ▸

Young Boys Refuse To Hit A Girl In This Cute But Controversial Ad About Domestic Violence


With 40 million views in 4 days, this Italian PSA about domestic violence has gone super viral but not without controversy. Created by online Italian newspaper, the video starts with five young boys being asked how old they are and what they want to be when they grow up. A girl named Martina is introduced into the frame and the boys are asked what … Check it out ▸

10 Famous Logo Redesigns Of 2014 And What They Teach Us


Rebranding is a tricky process that can make or break a business. Done right, it can transform and breathe life back into a struggling company. Done wrong, it can ruin the perception of even the most well-established brands. One of the most challenging aspects of rebranding is logo redesign, because of its strong implications on the company's brand image. … Check it out ▸

This Beautifully Animated Video Carries An Inspiring Message For All Creative People


Using quotes from an interview with American radio personality Ira Glass, 18-year motion graphics artist Saar Oz has created an inspiring video for creative newbies. Titled 'Nobody Tells This To Beginners', the video offers valuable advice not just for newcomers but for seasoned professionals as well. Saar's use of slick and beautiful animations make it all … Check it out ▸

Smile Condoms Shocks Party-Goers With Crazy Stunt To Raise Awareness Of STDs


Despite extensive educational campaigns, 1 out of 3 Namibians in their thirties have a sexually transmitted infection, usually contracted while out partying. An infected person often has no obvious or apparent symptoms and looks like everyone else. Smile Condoms wanted to shed light on this issue and show people that the person they're partying with might … Check it out ▸

If Santa Was An Agency And People Were His Clients, This Is What Would Happen


What if Santa was an agency? What kind of feedback would he get after distributing presents? What kind of demands would people (his clients) make? Watercrab, a Bangalore-based integrated advertising agency, has come up with 6 clever illustrations that depict this hilarious scenario. Needless to say, these can also be titled "What if Santa was a designer or a … Check it out ▸

How UNICEF Shocked Everyone At A Gaming Event With This Eye-Opening Message


To raise awareness about the appalling condition of children in South Sudan, UNICEF sent an actor and two South Sudanese youth to a gaming convention in Washington D.C. to pitch a new game idea. A film crew captured the audience's reaction as they were offered a preview of 'Elika's Escape' - a first person shooter set in an extreme war zone with a 7 year old … Check it out ▸