How Famous Entrepreneurs Came Up With Their Business Ideas


Every entrepreneur has gone through the eureka moment (a.k.a. the 'aha!' moment) when he/she first realised the potential of an idea that could be converted into a successful business venture. For eg. Nick Woodman, an avid surfer, used to take his camera with him every time he went surfing but soon realised that there was no proper way to take compelling … Check it out ▸

19 Things That Clients And Bosses Should Stop Saying To Designers


Dear clients, account managers, creative directors and whomsoever it may concern - take note of these 19 statements that break the rules of design etiquette and sends creative karma on a 6-ton lead ball headed straight for your rear end. It doesn't matter if you use these phrases unintentionally or wether you see little difference between designers and … Check it out ▸

Facebook Users Blame Steven Spielberg For Killing Dinosaur After Comedian Uploads Photo


Talk about the height of stupidity. Comedian and satirist Jay Branscomb uploaded an old picture of Steven Spielberg sitting next to a 'dead' dinosaur prop with a caption that said "Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man". What followed … Check it out ▸

Nike Boosts Brazil’s Morale With Inspiring New Ad For Olympics


"Tomorrow Starts Now" is a brilliant reminder to Brazil and their supporters of the incredible sporting talent that the South American nation possesses. It also reminds them to let bygones be bygones, the FIFA World Cup is history. Rio will be hosting the 2016 Olympics where the finest Brazilian athletes will strive to bring glory to the country with a rich … Check it out ▸

Father of Deceased Baby Girl Asked Strangers To Photoshop Her Only Picture, Here’s The Response


4 days back, Ohio resident and Reddit-user Nathan Steffel uploaded a picture of his 6 week-old daughter who passed away due to medical complications. Since she had spent her entire (short) life in hospital, he didn't get the opportunity to take a single picture of her without the medical tubes attached to her body. Which is why he requested Redditors to … Check it out ▸

Unbelievable Hyundai Stunt Shows Drivers Jumping Off Cars That Drive And Brake On Their Own


Hyundai has come up with this crazy stunt film to promote the driver-assist features on the 2015 Genesis sedan. Shot in California's Mojave Desert, the 3-minute spot stars Hollywood stunt-man and hall-of-fame member Buddy Joe. The film starts with a convoy of Genesis sedans led by Buddy. The drivers set their cars on 'Advanced Smart Cruise Control' and … Check it out ▸

Top 10 Funniest Tweets And Memes From Brazil vs Germany


Germany's 7-1 annihilation of Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals was the most tweeted sports game ever with 35.6 million tweets. After Sami Khedira's 29th minute goal, Twitter was galloping at 580,166 tweets per minute! To spare you the trouble of finding the best ones, we've rounded up the top 10 funniest tweets since yesterday's twit-explosion. Check them … Check it out ▸

Brazilian Fashion Brand Gets 8000 Men To Buy Lingerie For Their Ladies & Wins a Cannes Lion For It


Men got a striptease, women got a gift, and Marisa Lingerie got 8000 new male customers thanks to this Cannes-winning campaign called Strip Commerce created by their agency AlmapBBDO São Paulo, Brasil. … Check it out ▸

This Is Possibly The Most Visually Creative Email Marketing Campaign Ever


If you thought email marketing is dead and boring, think again. South American home store chain Sodimac wanted to send an email to their customers showcasing products available at their store. But there was a problem, most email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) block received images by default, turning product pictures into blank HTML divisions until … Check it out ▸

This Guy Wore His Pants Without Using His Hands – Got 7 Million YouTube Views In 4 Days


A video of a Chinese man named Xiao Zhiwei has gone super-viral online with over 7.5 million views in just 4 days. The 44-second clip shows Xiao putting his pants on without using his hands (WTF!). He manages to do so by crouching, stretching and adjusting his lower body to fit into his skinny pants with the popular 80's song 'The Final Countdown' playing in … Check it out ▸

Magic or Illusion? This Video Is Baffling Facebook Users Everywhere


This mind-boggling video has gone viral on Facebook and we can bet you'll watch it more than once. The video shows a 4 x 6 chocolate bar cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally into different parts after which one piece of chocolate is removed and put into a cup. The parts are then rearranged in a way that the bar doesn't look like it's missing a piece … Check it out ▸

Molson Creates Fridge That Gives Free Beers If You Sing The Canadian National Anthem

Molson Creates Fridge That Gives Free Beers If You Sing The Canadian National Anthem

Today is Canada Day and Molson Canadian has come up with a vending machine/fridge that serves free beer. So what's the catch? You have to sing the Canadian national anthem to open the fridge door. And you can't just hum or mumble through it, you have to sing the entire anthem with a fair level of accuracy (you thought they'll give you a free beer just like … Check it out ▸

Encourage Your Daughter To Pursue Technical Subjects – Says Verizon In Powerful New Ad

Verizon - Inspire Her Mind

80% of all jobs in the next decade will require technical skills. While 66% of 4th grade girls say they like science and math, only 18% of all college engineering majors are female. These statistics highlight and confirm society’s tendency to discourage girls from pursuing technical subjects, a disturbing trend that has resulted in women holding less than … Check it out ▸

P&G’s Inspiring New Ad Asks Why Running, Throwing or Doing Anything “Like a Girl” Is An Insult?

P&G's Inspiring New Ad Asks Why Running, Throwing or Doing Anything "Like a Girl" Is An Insult?

Since when did "run like a girl" and "throw like a girl" become insults? Procter & Gamble's new campaign for Always (feminine products) aims to empower women and transform " a girl" into an expression of strength. Leo Burnett is the agency behind this motivating video that's received almost a million views in just one day! … Check it out ▸