35 Brilliant Examples Of Creative Package Design


In today's competitive business environment, product packaging is as crucial as the product itself. Apart from being visually appealing, your package design needs to be practical, (re)usable and make the consumer prefer your product over the competitor's. Brands like Apple, who get it right, pay a lot of attention to the minutest details and create an … Check it out ▸

Survey Of 128 Agency Employees Reveals Interesting Details About Their Lives In And Out Of Office


Shushu Spanier, copywriter at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi (Tel Aviv), asked 128 of his colleagues to fill in a questionnaire related to their daily lives in and out of office. The questions ranged from "Where do you get your inspiration?" to "Ever did it with a colleague?". Shushu then collated the answers and created this infographic that offers an … Check it out ▸

How Two Random Ad Agency Creatives Got The Entire Hollywood To Endorse Them


Matt Roach and David Lawrie are a copy/art team who operate under the moniker aka creatives. When they're not creating award-winning campaigns at M&C Saatchi London, they get A-list celebrities like George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Gary Oldman, Courteney Cox and Elton John to endorse them on TV. What makes them special? This video has all … Check it out ▸

Blast From The Past: Web Design Trends You’ll Never Forget


Remember what websites looked like in the '90s? If you're thinking Comic Sans, Scrolling Marquees, Hit Counters, and Animated GIFs, you're on the right track. Thankfully a lot has changed since then, but there are some design elements that have lingered through the years, whether they've inspired new trends or trends that are hot on the comeback trail. Think … Check it out ▸

This Adorable Children’s Day Campaign By McDonald’s Will Surely Make You Smile


Kids love to play and are always up for a quick game or two. On Children's day, McDonald's Peru wanted people to have fun the way kids do. After taking their order, McDonald's employees invited customers to play an age-old game which almost everyone has played in their childhood. If the customer won, his/her order was free. Have a look at this super-cute … Check it out ▸

19 Mind-Boggling Photo Manipulations By Digital Artist Martin De Pasquale


Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martin De Pasquale uses Photoshop to create crazy photo manipulations that show impossible realities with himself as the subject. Some of them are visual metaphors while the others are just wild or funny. Check out 19 of De Pasquale's best works followed by a behind-the-scenes video that shows how he goes … Check it out ▸

You Won’t Believe How This Agency Rewarded Its Employees After An Award Shortlist


Toronto-based creative agency UNION recently got shortlisted for Strategy magazine's 'Agency of the Year' award. As a token of appreciation, they rewarded their employees with an overwhelming surprise that none of them expected. Co-founders Lance Martin and Subtej Nijjar take you through the celebration in this must-see video below. … Check it out ▸

Ford Explorer Print Ads Show Off Cool Car Features When You Place Your Phone Over Them


Ford and agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi (Israel) created QR code-enabled interactive print ads to demonstrate the Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Power Fold features on their Explorer SUV. A three-ad campaign was released, one for each feature. To view the demo, readers needed to scan the QR code and place their phones on the highlighted area. A … Check it out ▸

These 3 Super-Funny Ads Show You Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Friendly / Optimized Web Design by Nettl

A website that's not mobile-friendly usually gets cropped on mobile screens. Based on this insight, UK-based design studio Nettl has come up with three hilariously clever ads to promote their web design solutions. Check them out below. … Check it out ▸

Press ‘R’ And This Incredibly Brilliant Honda Ad Switches To A Parallel Storyline


Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London have come up with an interactive dual-story video for the Civic and it's sportier version, the Civic Type R. Titled "The Other Side", the film tells the tale of an ordinary guy who leads an intriguing double life. The original video featuring the Civic switches to a parallel storyline featuring the Type R when you press and … Check it out ▸

Watch How This Photoshop Artist Makes A Japanese Celeb Lose 40 Kgs In 4 Minutes


Here's proof that the Photoshop diet works better than any diet on the planet. YouTube channel realretouch has a crazy video that shows a photo of Japanese TV personality Matsuko Deluxe being retouched to a level that she looks at least 40 kgs (88 pounds) lighter. It's interesting to see how the artist uses various Photoshop tools and tricks to achieve this. … Check it out ▸

Shocking Ads Show How The Pain Of Child Abuse Lasts From Childhood To Old Age


Leo Burnett Thailand has created two powerful ads for the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation (CPCR) in Bangkok. The ads show a young boy and a girl being sexually abused with their traumatised elder (future) versions behind them. The objective was to highlight how the pain of child abuse lasts a lifetime. Check them out below. … Check it out ▸

This Agency Has A Machine That Gives Free Beer If You’ve Filled Your Timesheet


Minneapolis-based creative agency Colle+McVoy has come up with an ingenious way to get employees to do the one thing everyone’s lethargic about: fill their timesheets. C+M has built a device called “TapServer” that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) and custom-written software to dispense free beer to any employee who fills his/her timesheet on time. … Check it out ▸

This Wonderful Project 3D-Prints Old Photos So The Blind Can Relive Those Moments


'Touchable Memories' is a social project that 3D-prints old photos for the blind so they can touch, feel and relive their cherished moments like never before. Think of it as Braille for photos. Developed by Spanish creative agency LOLA for Singapore-based Pirate3D Printers, the purpose of this experiment is to show how technology and 3D printing can be used … Check it out ▸