Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Buyers In New TV Commercial


Galaxy S3's new commercial disses iPhone loyalists yet again and gets 2.3 million YouTube views within a day. … Check it out ▸

A Closer Look At Ad Agency People And Their Funny Habits


If you've ever worked in a creative agency, you will relate to this hilarious infographic that examines a few of their 'species' and draws some arbitrary (but fairly accurate) conclusions. A must view for everyone in the business or anyone planning to step into the crazy agency environment. … Check it out ▸

Superb Product Engagement – Website Transforms Your Photo Into A 3D Equalizer


Denon is a Japanese electronics company specializing in high-fidelity audio equipment. To launch their new range of headphones they've come up with Denon VisYOUalizer - a super-cool microsite and app that transforms your photo into a 3-dimensional animated music equalizer. … Check it out ▸

Montblanc’s Swanky Website Pays Digital Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock


Montblanc's 'Icons of Suspense' website shares the secrets behind the legendary film-maker's best-known masterpieces and lets you experience the limited edition pens using a clean, slick interface. … Check it out ▸

Banned iPhone 5 Video Gets 24,000 Likes Within 24 hours


Ever since the iPhone 5 came out, the internet is abuzz with spoofs, parodies and even a rap video. Here's another one that's climbing up the viral video chart these days. … Check it out ▸

Car Logos – The Original And The ‘Inspired’


Dear Internet, Thank you for being plagiarism's worst nightmare. … Check it out ▸

Our Story In 2 Minutes – Student Project Gets Over 2 Million YouTube Views


Here's a fascinating video made by Joe Bush, a 19-year old film student as part of a project for his video productions class. … Check it out ▸

We’re Guessing The Koreans Are Behind This


Check it out ▸

Steve Jobs Rises From The Dead To Launch The iPhone 5


Tired of the hype surrounding the iPhone 5? Check out this hilarious animated film from Mondo in which a Steve Jobs hologram appears at the iPhone 5 launch event the video (contains obscenities). … Check it out ▸

Brilliant QR Code Campaign Lets You Extend ‘Happy Hour’ At Pubs


For most guys, this is probably the most innovative use of QR codes ever. … Check it out ▸

Gorgeous 360 Degree Car Visualizer Made In WebGL


WebGL (Web Graphics Library) uses JavaScript to render 3D graphics within any compatible browser without the use of plugins. … Check it out ▸

An Important Message To Clients Everywhere


Check it out ▸

Super-Cool Scrolling Site From Nissan Japan


Parallax scrolling seems to be the rage in web design nowadays and here's an excellent execution of the same. … Check it out ▸

Compilation Of News Anchor Goof-Ups Gets More Than 20 Million YouTube Views


Its unbelievably funny and is rocking the viral video charts these days. Check it out. … Check it out ▸