Super Funny Clip Captures People’s Reactions To The Wrong iPhone


Check out this hilarious video in which Jimmy Kimmel's crew captures people reactions to the iPhone 5. The funny bit is that they were actually handed the iPhone 4S. … Check it out ▸

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Buyers In New TV Commercial


Galaxy S3's new commercial disses iPhone loyalists yet again and gets 2.3 million YouTube views within a day. … Check it out ▸

A Closer Look At Ad Agency People And Their Funny Habits


If you've ever worked in a creative agency, you will relate to this hilarious infographic that examines a few of their 'species' and draws some arbitrary (but fairly accurate) conclusions. A must view for everyone in the business or anyone planning to step into the crazy agency environment. … Check it out ▸

Superb Product Engagement – Website Transforms Your Photo Into A 3D Equalizer


Denon is a Japanese electronics company specializing in high-fidelity audio equipment. To launch their new range of headphones they've come up with Denon VisYOUalizer - a super-cool microsite and app that transforms your photo into a 3-dimensional animated music equalizer. … Check it out ▸

Montblanc’s Swanky Website Pays Digital Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock


Montblanc's 'Icons of Suspense' website shares the secrets behind the legendary film-maker's best-known masterpieces and lets you experience the limited edition pens using a clean, slick interface. … Check it out ▸

Banned iPhone 5 Video Gets 24,000 Likes Within 24 hours


Ever since the iPhone 5 came out, the internet is abuzz with spoofs, parodies and even a rap video. Here's another one that's climbing up the viral video chart these days. … Check it out ▸

Car Logos – The Original And The ‘Inspired’


Dear Internet, Thank you for being plagiarism's worst nightmare. … Check it out ▸

Our Story In 2 Minutes – Student Project Gets Over 2 Million YouTube Views


Here's a fascinating video made by Joe Bush, a 19-year old film student as part of a project for his video productions class. … Check it out ▸

We’re Guessing The Koreans Are Behind This


Check it out ▸

Steve Jobs Rises From The Dead To Launch The iPhone 5


Tired of the hype surrounding the iPhone 5? Check out this hilarious animated film from Mondo in which a Steve Jobs hologram appears at the iPhone 5 launch event the video (contains obscenities). … Check it out ▸

Brilliant QR Code Campaign Lets You Extend ‘Happy Hour’ At Pubs


For most guys, this is probably the most innovative use of QR codes ever. … Check it out ▸

Gorgeous 360 Degree Car Visualizer Made In WebGL


WebGL (Web Graphics Library) uses JavaScript to render 3D graphics within any compatible browser without the use of plugins. … Check it out ▸

An Important Message To Clients Everywhere


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Super-Cool Scrolling Site From Nissan Japan


Parallax scrolling seems to be the rage in web design nowadays and here's an excellent execution of the same. … Check it out ▸