15-Year-Old African Prodigy Wows MIT University Experts [VIDEO]


Kelvin Doe is a self-taught engineering whiz-kid living in Sierra Leone (ranked 9th poorest country in the world). He builds batteries, generators and transmitters from spare parts found in trash bins. He's even created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and music under the nickname "DJ Focus". What else sets him apart? He's also the youngest … Check it out ▸

50 Years After Her Death, Marilyn Monroe Is The Face Of Chanel’s Sexy New Ad Campaign


What did Marilyn Monroe wear to bed? - With over 750,000 YouTube views in less than a week, Chanel's new commercial answers the question. … Check it out ▸

Awesome Video Infographic Showcases The Power Of Social Media


Social media guru, Erik Qualman has created this amazing video-infographic that takes us through some jaw-dropping statistics that reinforce the power of social media in today's day and age. … Check it out ▸

Aussie Metro’s “Dumb Ways To Die” Video Gets 14 Million YouTube Views In One Week


A dark humour video from Metro Trains Melbourne is burning up the viral charts since it was uploaded last week. … Check it out ▸

The Super Droolable Mercedes ‘Ener-G-Force’


The theme of this year's LA Design Challenge is "Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025" and Mercedes Benz has come up with a stunning entry for the same. Merc's designers have indulged in some serious steroidal design-evolution using the DNA of the G-Class to come up with this futuristic concept titled the 'Ener-G-Force'. … Check it out ▸

20 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Stuff


Check out these 20 clever ways to reuse, repurpose and upcycle your old stuff lying around the house. Apart from adding utility some of them even look cooler than the original product. These days plenty of cafes and bars style their interiors this way using grungy products upcycled in an aesthetically creative manner. … Check it out ▸

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Send Emails For Maximum Opens And Clicks? Here’s The Answer


This handy infographic answers one of the most crucial questions for marketeers - what time of the day should e-mails be sent to ensure highest open rates and click-throughs? … Check it out ▸

24 Analogue Clocks Synchronized To Make 1 Gorgeous Digital Clock


Swedish design studio Humans Since 1982 have created this beautiful piece of engineering that uses 24 analogue clocks perfectly synchronized and choreographed to form one awesome digital clock. The 'clock of clocks' uses six clocks to make up a number with each of them displaying either one of its corners or one of its sides. The choreography is exceptional … Check it out ▸

Cool App Turns Any Surface Into Virtual Keyboard


Swiss designer Florian Krautli has developed a clever app that creates an 'invisible keyboard' for the iPhone on any surface. The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard uses the iPhone's built in 3-dimensional accelerometer to translate vibrations caused by tapping. … Check it out ▸

These Guys Turned Idiotic Client Feedback Into Hilarious Posters For Charity


The Irish creative community has collated all the nonsensical feedback they've received from clients over the years and created these super-funny posters for sale, with the proceeds going to the Temple Street Children's Hospital. Designers, illustrators, advertising creatives, etc. came together for this noble cause and exhibited their posters at a local … Check it out ▸

Hilarious ‘Buyral’ Video from Toronto Ad Agency Pokes Fun At Viral Videos


A viral video....that makes fun of viral videos...has gone viral :). Toronto ad agency john st., is known for its satirical and funny experiments. Their latest upload is this super-funny video called 'BUYRAL - Professional Clicking' which claims to have found the solution to what all marketeers want from their videos - virality. Check it out. … Check it out ▸

Obama’s “Four more years” Photo Sets Social Media History With Most Likes And Retweets Ever


Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential elections and created social media history just two hours later. His photograph on Facebook with wife Michelle, captioned "Four more years", is the most liked Facebook photo of all time. … Check it out ▸

7 Awesome ‘Skyfall’ Wallpapers, Trailer And Reviews


Critics are hailing SKYFALL as not only the best movie of the year, but the best movie of the 50-year Bond franchise. Check out these cool wallpapers followed by the official trailer and movie reviews below. … Check it out ▸

Sony Music Timeline – Internal Branding At Its Best


Here's a brilliant example of an internal branding exercise that inspires employees and visitors while promoting the organization's history and heritage. … Check it out ▸