Coke Creates Personalized Billboards That Flash Your Name When You Approach


Building on Coca-Cola's global campaign in which people could personalize their Coke bottles and cans, Tel Aviv based creative agency Gefen Team created these super-cool interactive billboards for Coca-Cola Israel. … Check it out ▸

20 Years After His Death, Honda Recreates Ayrton Senna’s Legendary Suzuka Lap


After the incredible Honda Hands video that skyrocketed online last month, here's yet another brilliant campaign from the Japanese automobile manufacturer. … Check it out ▸

7 Deadly Wallpapers From ‘The Wolverine’


One of the most awaited movies of the year, The Wolverine, releases today! This is Hugh Jackman's 6th portrayal of the Marvel superhero and as per initial reviews, it's yet another stellar performance from the Australian heartthrob. … Check it out ▸

Work Stress – Causes, Costs, Effects And Remedies


Did you know - job stress is the #1 cause of stress in the U.S. and costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year! In today's challenging work environment, it's hard to cope with the pressure of justifying your salary, performing above par and handling annoying bosses and colleagues. These informative infographics cover the primary causes, effects … Check it out ▸

110 Animators Work Together To Create ‘Franchise Animated’ Typeface


Animography, a webshop/type foundry specializing in motion graphics and animated typefaces roped in 1 type designer and 110 animators to create "Franchise Animated" - a super cool animated typeface. … Check it out ▸

Brilliant Videographic Explains How Social Networks Make Us Lonely


You've probably come across research findings explaining how social networks make us lonely - but none of them would be as beautifully executed as this animated clip by motion designer Shimi Cohen. … Check it out ▸

What Is Digital Strategy – Core Concepts, Tools, Deliverables And More


If you're looking for a go-to guide for digital strategy, here's an excellent presentation that provides a comprehensive overview, covers core concepts, tools, deliverables and lots more. … Check it out ▸

The Most Influential Celebrity Online Is…


Zimbio has come up with a list of the 50 most influential celebrities online. The top 3 celebs have a combined following of over 180 million Facebook fans and 107 million Twitter followers - staggering numbers indeed! The rankings are as follows: … Check it out ▸

Who Is Spying On You And How To Stop Them [INFOGRAPHIC]


The internet is full of clever a-holes trying to get a hold of your personal information. Most people realize this AFTER someone's hacked into their accounts. The smarter folks take the necessary steps beforehand, realizing the fact that EVERYONE IS PRONE to threats online. … Check it out ▸

Outsourcing Platforms Compared – oDesk vs Elance vs Freelancer vs 99designs


With a combined workforce of over 14 million freelancers, 11 million jobs and $1.8 billion in cumulative freelancer earnings - oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and 99 Designs are the 4 biggest outsourcing platforms today. This cool infographic by TimeDoctor compares these 4 major players on several different parameters, providing interesting information if you're … Check it out ▸

Honda “Hands” – One Of The Coolest Ads Of Recent Times


Honda "Hands" is a tribute to the company’s innovations in the fields of automotive and technology over the past 65 years. The film begins by showing the (restless) hands of a man wearing a lab coat with a voice-over that says "So, let's see what curiosity can do". In just under 2 minutes, the 'hands' take us through 7 decades of Honda innovations, keeping … Check it out ▸

Miss USA Winners Bare All In PETA’s New Ad – Effective Or Unnecessary?


Last month, Miss USA winners Alyssa Campanella, Shanna Moakler, Shandi Finnessey and Susie Castillo bared all for a photo shoot for PETA's "Say No To Fur" campaign. The objective was to urge the fashion industry and beauty pageants to do away with fur. … Check it out ▸

A Beautiful Concept Of An Imaginary City In The Sky


Here's some wonderful mid-week inspiration for your creative senses. 'City in the sky' is a conceptual rendition of a beautiful imaginary city above today's dense and polluted metropolitan areas. A quieter, greener place in the sky, filled with peace and tranquility to help you escape from the stress of everyday life. … Check it out ▸

Pepsi “Bus Levitation” Stunt Gets 3.5 Million YouTube Views In 1 Week


Pepsi roped in British illusionist Dynamo for this eye-catching stunt that wowed Londoners last week. The magician seemed to be floating alongside a double decker bus, leaning his arm on the roof with his feet in mid air. … Check it out ▸

Secrets Revealed – What Your Online Profile Photo Says About You


Full marks to the guys at MyLife for coming up with this hilarious (and partly true) infographic. It's safe to say that the average Facebook user must have come across at least 9 out of the 10 examples given below. The writer's done a great job summarizing the 'meaning' behind these stereotypical pictures. … Check it out ▸