Smitten By The Cool Graphics And Slick Interfaces In OBLIVION? Here Are The Best Bits


Wether you liked the film or not, you would have surely been impressed by the incredibly slick graphics and user-interface elements that proved to be a visual delight for general audiences and design-lovers alike. GMUNK and his GFX team are the ones behind these brilliant UIs & displays. Quite an 'effective team' we have to admit :). Check out the … Check it out ▸

WiFi Poster – Movie Advertising For The SmartPhone Generation


Here's another one of those simple but effective ideas you wish you'd thought of. Based on the insight that traditional movie posters have little impact on the tech-savy generation, Cheil Worlwide created 'WiFi posters' for their client CJ Entertainment in South Korea. … Check it out ▸

Durex Fundawear Lets You ‘Touch’ Your Partner Over The Internet


Long-distance lovers, your prayers have been answered. Durex has come up with an innovative new technology that'll set your long-distance love life on fire! Labeled 'Fundawear', this revolutionary wearable tech lets you 'touch' your partner over the internet via a smartphone app. … Check it out ▸

Samsung GALAXY S4 – New Features & Comparisons With iPhone 5, HTC One, BB Z10 & Galaxy S3


Samsung unpacked the Galaxy S4 in style at a grandiose event filled with extravagant sets and flamboyant choreography at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on Thursday. The smartphone will be released on April 26 with 327 operators across 155 countries and will be available in two colors - Black Mist and White Frost. … Check it out ▸

Hilarious New Fiat Ad – A Rap Video Dedicated To Motherhood


The Fiat 500 is adored by 90% of the female population out there. Ok we admit we don't have the exact numbers but they'll be pretty much around our estimate. Keeping its primary target audience in mind, Fiat UK launched a new TV commercial for the 500L featuring a mother of three, rapping about the challenges she faces on a daily basis. … Check it out ▸

A Fantastic ‘Little’ Demonstration By Microsoft


When it comes to advertising, more often than not, it's the simple ideas that make you smile. Be it a TV commercial, an outdoor promo or an interactive ad. Here's another addition to that list. … Check it out ▸

Creative Agency Launches “Give Naked” Initiative With Clever Promo Video


This holiday season we've had some interesting public awareness campaigns like Offset Your Naughty by Carmichael Lynch and Buzzed Buzzer by Havas Chicago. Here's another intriguing one from Minneapolis ad agency Preston Kelly in collaboration with Oxam America. … Check it out ▸

Breathalyzer Powered Party Horn Lets You Know When You’re Too Drunk To Drive


Here’s a cool build-it-yourself contraption conceptualized by creative agency Havas Worldwide, Chicago. The “Buzzed Buzzer” is a party horn that only works if you’re drunk. … Check it out ▸

Offset Your Naughty – Website Donates A Carbon Offset For Every Confession You Make


Minneapolis-based creative agency Carmichael Lynch lets you start the holiday season on a positive note. … Check it out ▸

Zero Budget Marketing – Clever Billboard Concept Turned Into Buzzing Viral Video


This is one of those zero-cost viral ideas you wish you'd thought of. … Check it out ▸

Google Zeitgeist 2012 – The Top Search Queries And Trends This Year


Google Zeitgeist 2012 (pronounced "za-it-guest") showcases the major stories this year using data from Google Trends and the 1.2 trillion search queries the search giant received this year. … Check it out ▸

Funny Video Explains History Of The Internet And The Importance Of DNS


Check out this cool video-infographic that's actually a promo for a DNS service provider. It's a refreshingly different approach to explaining technology, is fun to watch and gets the message across for the advertiser. … Check it out ▸

Swedish Post Creates Real Life Memory Game With 240 Sq.m Game Board And 400 Gift Parcels


How's this for a Christmas-marketing stunt? Swedish Post created a 240 m2 game board consisting of 400 presents captured by a bird's-eye view camera with the output configured and screened onto their microsite If you found a matching pair of gifts, you'd win them both. … Check it out ▸

Kobe Bryant vs Lionel Messi – Turkish Airlines Ad Gets 27 Million YouTube Views In Just 5 Days


What sells better than a celeb? A sports celeb. And what's better than a sports celeb? Two of them. … Check it out ▸