Donate Blood And Get Rewarded With Extra Lives In Video Games


Three students at the ESPM School in Sao Paulo (Brazil) have come up with an interesting concept urging the Red Cross to partner with video game makers and reward blood donors every time they need extra 'lives' to continue playing. … Check it out ▸

Volvo’s Ballerina Stunt Video Gets 2.5 Million Views Within 6 Days


Volvo roped in world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey to walk a tightrope between two speeding Volvo trucks before they reached a fast approaching tunnel. … Check it out ▸

Volvo X-RAY App Lets You See Technology Beneath Car Surface


The Volvo V40 X-RAY App turns your iPad or iPhone into an x-ray scanner, giving you a 360° view beneath the V40's skin. You can browse through the latest features, watch videos and lots more. … Check it out ▸

Protest Campaign Brings Zombies To The Streets Of NYC


The Walking Dead is one of the most successful original series aired by AMC, the American cable TV channel. When Dish Network recently dropped AMC due to differences with their network, AMC came up with a protest campaign that brought the 'zombies' from The Walking Dead out on the streets of New York City. … Check it out ▸

How To Toggle Blend Modes In Photoshop On A Mac


Bought a Mac? Started using Photoshop? Oops, blend modes aren't toggling with the up and down arrow keys, like they do on a PC! Here's help. … Check it out ▸

Responsive Design – What, Why and How?


'Responsive' is the latest buzzword if you're a web designer/developer residing on planet Earth. Here's a brief but excellent guide to help you understand why it's the latest trend/requirement and how you can implement it in your designs. … Check it out ▸

How To Resize A Zillion Images In 4 Clicks On A Mac


We were surprised to learn that a lot of Mac users weren't aware of this handy feature that makes your life easier if you resize a large number of images individually. … Check it out ▸

DESK – Where Creativity Is Born


DESK is an excellent project that showcases desks of people who create. Most artists, designers, developers, etc. spend innumerable hours on their desks and this is where (as the project says) "creativity is born". … Check it out ▸

ActionAid Delivers Powerful Message Through Clever iPad Ad


ActionAid Gets The Point Across With This Clever iPad Ad. … Check it out ▸

The World’s First Tweet Powered Piano


Stanley's no ordinary piano. It plays your favorite songs via tweet requests sent to @StanleyPiano. … Check it out ▸

Total Cost of Being Iron Man is 1,612,717,000 Dollars


Move over Bruce Wayne/Batman. Tony Stark shows who's boss when it comes to the big bucks. … Check it out ▸

Which Of These Olympic Logos Is Your Favorite?


The 2012 London Olympics logo is definitely one of the most controversial logos of all time. Most people call it a design disaster. A select few believe it embodies London's punk rock spirit. The creative ones found Lisa Simpson hidden somewhere ;) (can't miss her once you know where). … Check it out ▸

Total Cost of Being Batman is 682,451,350 Dollars


This is probably the reason why Bob Kane decided to make Bruce Wayne a billionaire ;). … Check it out ▸

Sexy Beach Marketing Campaign By Sprite Brazil


Talk about innovative outdoor marketing. Sprite Brazil came up with a 'Sprite Shower' in the shape of a giant drink dispenser on a Rio de Janeiro beach. Don't miss this hot video. … Check it out ▸