Zero Budget Marketing – Clever Billboard Concept Turned Into Buzzing Viral Video


This is one of those zero-cost viral ideas you wish you'd thought of. … Check it out ▸

Google Zeitgeist 2012 – The Top Search Queries And Trends This Year


Google Zeitgeist 2012 (pronounced "za-it-guest") showcases the major stories this year using data from Google Trends and the 1.2 trillion search queries the search giant received this year. … Check it out ▸

Funny Video Explains History Of The Internet And The Importance Of DNS


Check out this cool video-infographic that's actually a promo for a DNS service provider. It's a refreshingly different approach to explaining technology, is fun to watch and gets the message across for the advertiser. … Check it out ▸

Swedish Post Creates Real Life Memory Game With 240 Sq.m Game Board And 400 Gift Parcels


How's this for a Christmas-marketing stunt? Swedish Post created a 240 m2 game board consisting of 400 presents captured by a bird's-eye view camera with the output configured and screened onto their microsite If you found a matching pair of gifts, you'd win them both. … Check it out ▸

Kobe Bryant vs Lionel Messi – Turkish Airlines Ad Gets 27 Million YouTube Views In Just 5 Days


What sells better than a celeb? A sports celeb. And what's better than a sports celeb? Two of them. … Check it out ▸

Volkswagen Drives Over 150,000 Tweets In 8 Hours With POLOWERS Campaign


How do you become your country's no.1 trending topic on Twitter for a day? Well, if you're Volkswagen, you organise a race. And if your car is targeted towards the young digital-savvy crowd, you organise a tweet-race that propels your brand to the top spot on the trend list at a speed of 5 tweets per second. … Check it out ▸

Gigapixel Panorama Photography – How It’s Done And 22 Incredible Images


Ever wondered how those jaw-droppingly high-resolution panoramas of landscapes, architecture and space are created? This simple yet informative video explains the technology and methodology behind gigapixel photography. … Check it out ▸

The World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth


‘Omote’ and ‘Shashin Kan’ are Japanese for ‘front’ and ‘photo-booth’ respectively. No, this isn’t a language training exercise. Just some info you might be interested in after we tell you that Japanese creative agency PARTY has created the world’s first 3D printing booth called OMOTE 3D SHASHIN KAN. … Check it out ▸

Responsive Web Design – Clever Tips and Simple Techniques


Check out this brilliant presentation by Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-Chief of Smashing Magazine. He shares simple and effective RWD tips, tricks and techniques designers should know before starting work on their next web project. … Check it out ▸

Does Microsoft’s New Commercial Make You Want To Use Internet Explorer?


Microsoft's new commercial uploaded onto YouTube yesterday, has already begun to climb the viral video charts. … Check it out ▸

10 Great Landscape Photos That Are Actually Small Scale Models


New Jersey-based diorama artist Matthew Albanese creates fascinating landscape photos out of meticulously detailed small scale models. Clever photography techniques involving scale, depth of field and lighting combined with innovative use of various materials help create these breathtaking images. … Check it out ▸

Adidas Teams Up With Snoop Dogg To Help You Find Your (Lost) Holiday Spirit


"The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop" re-tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge (from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol) but with a Snoop Dogg twist. Can Ebenezer Snoop find his holiday spirit, or will he be stuck with the bahumbizzle forever? Watch the video to know more. … Check it out ▸

Facebook Removes Photo After Mistaking Elbow For Breast


Facebook recently removed this photo of a woman in a bathtub after mistaking her elbow for a bare breast. … Check it out ▸

Ogilvy Targets Piracy Websites To Recruit Web Designer


Based on the insight that most designers are looking for pirated alternatives to expensive design software, Ogilvy Brussels recently recruited a web designer through a piracy website. … Check it out ▸