Swedish Art Director Creates Epic Homemade Ad To Sell His Junky Car

Swedish Art Director Creates Epic Homemade Ad To Sell His Junky Car

Art directors are a different species. They have panache. They can make the most mundane of things look desirable. So when Malmo-based Christoffer Castor decided to sell his 1993 Volvo, he didn't opt for the conventional classifieds (heaven forbid – that would be too copywriter-ish). He wanted something different, something portfolio-worthy. Which is why he … Check it out ▸

Brazilian Kids Want To Learn English. Elderly Americans Need Company. This Ingenious Campaign Connects Them Both.

CNA - Speaking Exchange

Talk about mutual benefits of technology. CNA language school in Brazil have come up with the Speaking Exchange project which connects their students with senior Americans living in retirement homes. Based on the insight that the elderly need someone to talk to and language students need to practice their english, CNA and agency FCB Brasil have created an … Check it out ▸

Coke Creates Phone Booth That Accepts Bottle Caps Instead Of Coins For UAE Workers To Call Home

Coke – Hello Happiness Phone Booth

Every day, thousands of South Asian labourers arrive to Dubai to work for a better future. They do it to support their family and to provide better education for their kids back home. They long to hear their voice every day, even for a couple of minutes. But with an average income of $6 per day, they have to pay up to $0.91/min to call home, making it nearly … Check it out ▸

Designer’s Guide To What Clients Really Mean When Providing Feedback


Designers, we salute you. No one takes more client crap than you (except coders). Everyday in office is an anger management exercise for you. Everyone knows Photoshop is just as easy as MS Word and all it takes is 2 clicks to create the next Mona Lisa. Not everyone can become a writer but everyone has an inborn desire to design, specially the clients. In … Check it out ▸

Inspirational Poem Against Social Media Gets 20 Million Views In 10 Days (Ironically)


Talk about irony. Writer and director Gary Turk's 5-minute video featuring a spoken word poem highlighting society's addiction to the internet, social media and mobile phones has received almost 20 million online views in just 10 days. … Check it out ▸

Draw Solid Objects In Thin Air With The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen


Tech-lovers, artists, designers and just about everyone will drool over this marvellous piece of technology that'll top your list of must-have items this year. The LIX 3D printing pen is the smallest 3D printing pen in the world and let's you draw solid shapes and objects in thin air. … Check it out ▸

Learn How To Code And Watch Your Instructor Undress As You Progress

Codebabes: Fun Web Development

Here's a WTF concept that no one probably thought of until now. CodeBabes offers video tutorials in HTML, CSS, PHP, etc., but with a twist. Watch the lesson, pass the quiz and your instructor will lose one piece of clothing. That's right, the more code you learn, the less clothes they wear. Check out this promo video featuring CodeBabe Cami Li explaining the … Check it out ▸

13 Scientific Ways To Beat Work Stress And Increase Productivity


85% of the stuff we worry about never actually happens. 7 out of 10 adults say they experience stress or anxiety every day. 46% of them said they screamed at their spouse, partner or children when stressed in the last month. Excess workload and people issues are the top reasons for job dissatisfaction. So how can one overcome the odds and boost productivity? … Check it out ▸

33 Famous Movie Stills Broken Down Into 7-Color Palettes


Movies In Color is a fascinating project by LA-based designer Roxy Radulescu. She derives light, medium and dark color palettes from movie stills and merges them into a 21-color spectrum. The idea came to her while watching Skyfall (2012) when she was intrigued by the cinematography of the film. After creating a color palette for the movie she decided to … Check it out ▸

Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Fonts For Your Next Project

Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Fonts For Your Next Project

Typography is an art. Done the right way, it can breathe life into even the most mundane of designs. These 10 commandments lay down the key principles of good typography and act as a definitive guide to help you shortlist the right fonts for your next design project. A must view for everyone in the business. Thanks to Evan Brown at DesignMantic for this … Check it out ▸

Funny HBO Ads Highlight Awkwardness Of Watching Sex Scenes With Parents

Funny HBO Ads Highlight Awkwardness Of Watching Sex Scenes With Parents

Nothing gets more embarrassing than watching a sex scene on TV with your parents around. Based on this insight, HBO has come up with this hilariously clever campaign for HBO Go, it's subscription-based streaming service that lets you watch your favourite shows on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Samsung, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Chromecast, Kindle Fire … Check it out ▸

34 Funny Graphs That Expose The Truth About Your Online Life


Almost everyone who's active on digital and social media will relate to these hilarious pieces of satirical wisdom that accurately depict stereotypical behaviour online. We've filtered these 34 digital media-related graphs from the many cool ones you'll find on Truth Facts, a website dedicated to depicting the funny side of everyday life via illustrations … Check it out ▸

WhatsApp Powered Toy Connects Kids Fighting Cancer To Their Loved Ones


Children suffering from cancer get lonely due to prolonged hospitalisation and treatments that keep them away from their normal routine. To counter their isolation, Amaral Carvalho Hospital and creative agency DM9Rio (Brazil) developed a line of special teddy bears called "ELO" that receive and store audio notes from WhatsApp. … Check it out ▸

These Are The Daily Routines Of History’s Most Famous Creative People


How did the world's most famous creative people spend their 24 hours/day? What was their daily routine like? This wonderful infographic aims to provide a sneak peek into the everyday lives of 16 brilliant minds including Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Dickens, Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin and more. … Check it out ▸

Inspirational Thai Ad Makes You Believe In The Power Of Doing Good


If you believe nice guys finish last, have a look at this brilliant ad from Thai Life Insurance that proves, on the contrary, that they win every time. Titled "Unsung Hero" this heartwarming clip has skyrocketed to the top of the viral video charts with over 6 million YouTube views, 800,000 Facebook shares and 22,000 tweets in just one week. … Check it out ▸