Samsung Promotes Galaxy S4 Eye Sensor With 60 Minute Staring Contest


The Galaxy S4 comes with a built-in eye sensor that pauses your video when you look away from the screen and plays it back when you return. The sensor also keeps the screen lit when it detects the user is looking towards it (click here for a full list of features). To promote all these goodies Samsung and Swisscom came up with this cool marketing stunt … Check it out ▸

Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 Mini And S3 Mini Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]


Trends come, trends go...only to come back again. Remember those humoungous cellular phones of the 90s? Then came the sleek/thin devices of the 2000s with mobile manufacturers competing over who makes the smallest/lightest handsets. The smartphone revolution followed and physical keyboards gave way to touch-screens. Now big devices are once again back in … Check it out ▸

New Windows 8 Ad Takes On iPad – But Are You Convinced?


'Less Talking, More Doing' is the title of Microsoft's new commercial which pits the Windows 8 tablet against the iPad and has received over 3 million YouTube views within a week. Does the commercial do a good job of convincing consumers or is the title more appropriate the other way around? We want your opinion. … Check it out ▸

Heineken Negotiation – Convince Your Lady To Buy Ugly Stadium Seats And Win Tickets To The Game


Subscribers on our social media channels loved the Heineken interactive beer bottle innovation we shared a few days ago. Here's another super-cool campaign from the Dutch brewing company. … Check it out ▸

Xbox One Unveil Video Gets 4 Million YouTube Views In 1 Day


Gaming enthusiasts swarmed YouTube for the Xbox One unveil video resulting in 4 million views in just one day. The video showcases the new Kinect sensor, controller and new features like Live TV, Skype, personal homescreen, cinematic gaming etc. … Check it out ▸

29 Effective Ways To Stay Creative


We're all short of creative juice at some point of time. The daily hustle leaves us with little time to recharge our batteries and sharpen our skills. Today's high pressure environment coupled with stiff deadlines can sometimes drag your morale down and that killer idea/design might seem hard to achieve. In times like these, having a positive attitude is … Check it out ▸

Coke ‘Small World’ Vending Machines Bring Indians And Pakistanis Together


You don't become the most valuable brand in the world 13 times in a row for nothing. Coke is known for its simple yet powerful campaigns, true to its 'Open Happiness' brand slogan and this one's no exception. … Check it out ▸

25 Ridiculously Crazy Items You Can Buy Online


If you believe the world is a strange place, the video below will surely leave no doubt in your mind whatsoever. … Check it out ▸

Heineken’s Launches ‘Ingite’ – It’s First Interactive Beer Bottle


Some of the coolest innovations we've seen come from beer manufacturers (remember Budweiser's Happy Hour Extender?). This time around it's Heineken that has jumped onto the digital bandwagon by adding a dash of interactive jazz to the drinking experience. … Check it out ▸

Clever Marketing – Billboard Turned Into Insect Trap For Bug Spray Ad


Everyone loves spring. So do flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Orphea wanted to advertise its powerful insect repellant in an effective manner and Publicis (Italy) came to the rescue. … Check it out ▸

If Fonts Could Speak – Uniball’s Cool New Campaign


Ever received an appointment letter typed in Comic Sans? Or a formal dinner typed in Papyrus? Most of us have definitely come across ugly government websites, letters and documents that screw up on fonts big time. So what is it like for the reader? … Check it out ▸

Bitcoin – The Digital Currency That Could Change The World


The world is in financial disarray, currencies failing, economies in wild flux, jobs being lost. But what if you could build an entirely new economy? One specifically designed for the digital realm. That's the idea behind Bitcoin. … Check it out ▸

Smitten By The Cool Graphics And Slick Interfaces In OBLIVION? Here Are The Best Bits


Wether you liked the film or not, you would have surely been impressed by the incredibly slick graphics and user-interface elements that proved to be a visual delight for general audiences and design-lovers alike. GMUNK and his GFX team are the ones behind these brilliant UIs & displays. Quite an 'effective team' we have to admit :). Check out the … Check it out ▸

WiFi Poster – Movie Advertising For The SmartPhone Generation


Here's another one of those simple but effective ideas you wish you'd thought of. Based on the insight that traditional movie posters have little impact on the tech-savy generation, Cheil Worlwide created 'WiFi posters' for their client CJ Entertainment in South Korea. … Check it out ▸