How Virgin America Got 6 Million People To Watch A Flight Safety Video Without Stepping On A Plane

Virgin America - In-flight Safety Video

When was the last time you paid attention to a pre-flight safety demonstration? In the past 12 days, Virgin America has managed to get 5.8 million people to watch their safety video without even stepping on a plane! … Check it out ▸

Honda Uses Optical Illusions To Tease Your Brain In Amazing New Ad


"Let's do those things that can't be done. Like less fuel in, for more miles out." - says the voice-over in Honda's new TV ad. Traditionally, SUVs are known to be gas-guzzlers and bad for the environment. But through the "ingenuity of their engineering" Honda claims to have created a fuel efficient SUV (or CR-V as they call it) that has the best-in-class … Check it out ▸

A Website Dedicated To The Annoying People In Your Office


They're as common as rice and potatoes - the annoying coworkers bent on ruining that perfect day at work. We've all got nicknames for them but the funny folks at Mizaplas (a digital agency based in NYC) just turned up the heat by launching Workwankers - a website dedicated to the scum of the work universe. … Check it out ▸

Make Money With These 15 Smartphone Apps That Pay You For Using Them


Everyone likes free apps and detests (the nominal fee on) paid apps. Going by that logic, you'll love these 15 money-making apps that actually pay you to use them. The handy infographic below also specifies the tasks you have to perform and how much money you can earn via each app. … Check it out ▸

Beer or Coffee – Which Makes You More Creative? Here’s The Answer!


Creative folk across the globe have their individual preferences when it comes to these two. But this brilliant infographic attempts to logically answer the age-old question - which drink sparks more creativity - coffee or beer? It also tells you the effect they have on your brain, the good, the bad and which one to drink when. … Check it out ▸

Are You The Most Annoying Person On Facebook?


God created man. Man created Facebook. Facebook created the social media wannabe (or was it Orkut?). Check out this hilarious infographic that lists the top 10 most annoying types of Facebook users as per a recent poll. If you've got more than 7 of these on your list, it's time to close your account and take a digital detox starting now. If you're honest … Check it out ▸

An Interesting World Map Of The Most Visited Websites Per Country


Check out this insightful world map of the most popular websites per country/region. Neighboring countries with common top sites have been merged which is why some of them might appear distorted. While Google (red) dominates the west, Baidu (the Chinese equivalent of Google) dominates eastern Asia and parts of Europe. … Check it out ▸

50 Free, Flat And Gorgeous Icon Sets For The Modern Designer


Web and user interface design trends have changed. Flat is in, skeuomorphism is out. Long shadows are in, bevels are out. We at want to make life simpler for you creative folk. Here are 50 awesome modern icon sets for your next web project and guess what, they're all FREE! … Check it out ▸

The Importance Of Good Web Design And Its Impact On People And Profits


This excellent infographic brings to light the importance of good web design in achieving successful conversions and lists the major stumbling blocks to a good user experience. With growing competition in every sector, users have more options online and are becoming less tolerant towards bad design and usability. … Check it out ▸

Horror Movie Prank Shocks Coffee Shop Customers, Goes Super Viral Online


Carrie is an upcoming horror film about Carrie White, a lonely high-school girl who possesses telekinetic powers (the ability to move objects without physically touching them). She uses these powers to extract revenge on her town after being humiliated frequently by her peers. To promote the movie on ground, the marketing team came up with this scary prank … Check it out ▸

Mercedes Uses Chickens To Show Magic Body Control In Adorable New Ad


The 'Magic Body Control' on the new Mercedes S-Class analysis the road via a windshield-mounted camera and adjusts the suspension accordingly, resulting in a smoother and more stable ride. To show off this new feature, the German car manufacturer has come up with a super cute television commercial that's skyrocketed online with over 2 million views, 220k … Check it out ▸

“Never Judge An App By Its Icon” – and 19 More Famous DIGITAL Sayings


Check out these web 2.0 versions of famous sayings, perfectly applicable for today's digital times. Our favorite is the first one (which is why we chose it for our headline). A close second would be "A file on your device is worth two in the cloud". Check them all out below. … Check it out ▸

Dutch Designer Proposes Detachable Smartphone Made Of Separate Functional Blocks To Reduce E-waste


Had enough of iPhones, Samsungs and Nokias? Here's a fascinating smartphone concept by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens that's created a HUGE roar online with 11 million YouTube views, 750k Facebook shares and 40,000 Tweets in only 6 days! … Check it out ▸

Thai Ad Shows The Power Of “Giving”; Will Move You To Tears


Thailand's third-largest mobile operator True Move has come up with an emotional commercial titled "Giving" that's making waves across the internet with 3.5 million YouTube views in just 5 days. … Check it out ▸