How Coke Got College Freshmen To Make New Friends Just By Changing The Cap Of Its Bottles

Coca-Cola - Friendly Twist Bottles

Leo Burnett And Coca-Cola Colombia came up with this brilliant product innovation to help freshmen break the ice and make new friends on the first day of college. They created a unique bottle that can only be opened with another bottle, thereby giving students an excuse to strike a conversation with each other. Check it out below. … Check it out ▸

Cannes Lions – Here’s Who’s Going To Win This Year

Cannes Lions - Here's Who's Going To Win This Year

It just doesn't get bigger than Cannes if you're in the creative communications industry. Agencies across the globe slog it out all year in hope of bagging advertising's most coveted prize. DigitasLBi Paris has put together this list of probable winners for 2014. They've also tried to identify emerging trends and themes that might come out of this year's … Check it out ▸

Incredible Real-Time Infographic Shows What’s Happening On The Internet Every Second


This fascinating real-time infographic shows how quickly data is being generated on the internet every second. To give you an example, in the 15 mins it took to create this article, 10,000 Twitter accounts had been created, 2 million hours of YouTube video had been watched and Google had made $1.5 million in ad revenue. What's happening since you got here? … Check it out ▸

Forget Bitcoins, PornHub Introduces Titcoins – The World’s Most Beloved Currency

Forget Bitcoins, PornHub Introduces Titcoins - The World's Most Beloved Currency

No matter what condition the economy is in, the adult entertainment business is always booming. It's time for women to take advantage of this. PornHub presents Titcoins - the world's most beloved and safest currency. A whole new market format where everyone involved, wins. Watch the video below to see how it works. … Check it out ▸

UK Charity Launches Shocking Ad Exposing Double Standards In Domestic Violence

UK Charity Launches Shocking Ad Exposing Double Standards In Domestic Violence

Creative agency Dare (London) has created this shocker of a PSA campaign for ManKind, a UK based charity organisation against domestic violence. The 1:50 hidden camera film features people's reactions (and double standards) to physical violence between a couple in public. The spot has been directed by David Stoddart of Dark Energy and has received over 4 … Check it out ▸

Most Adorable Ad Of The Year – “Dreams” by Turkish Airlines

This Year's Most Adorable Ad – "Dreams" by Turkish Airlines

Lowe Istanbul might have pulled off arguably the most adorable commercial of the year. "Dreams" is a two-minute tale of 4 kids in a Turkish village who're fascinated by airplanes and want one to land in their backyard instead of (the usual) Istanbul airport. They build an elementary runway and what follows is a visually brilliant piece of storytelling. Check … Check it out ▸

15 Inspirational Design Quotes From Creative Legends


Stuck in a creative rut? Happens to the best of us. Unreasonable clients, work pressure, stiff deadlines, office politics accompanied by a dumb boss can really dry up those creative juices. But before you go about throwing darts on a picture of him, take a moment and draw some inspiration from these 15 epic quotes of creative wisdom from the likes of Albert … Check it out ▸

Back From The Dead – “Michael Jackson” Performs At The Billboard Music Awards 2014

Michael Jackson Hologram Performs At The Billboard Music Awards 2014

A holographic version of the King of Pop performed at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night sending the web into a frenzy with over 1.5 million YouTube views in just one day. Check it out below. … Check it out ▸

Swedish Art Director Creates Epic Homemade Ad To Sell His Junky Car

Swedish Art Director Creates Epic Homemade Ad To Sell His Junky Car

Art directors are a different species. They have panache. They can make the most mundane of things look desirable. So when Malmo-based Christoffer Castor decided to sell his 1993 Volvo, he didn't opt for the conventional classifieds (heaven forbid – that would be too copywriter-ish). He wanted something different, something portfolio-worthy. Which is why he … Check it out ▸

Brazilian Kids Want To Learn English. Elderly Americans Need Company. This Ingenious Campaign Connects Them Both.

CNA - Speaking Exchange

Talk about mutual benefits of technology. CNA language school in Brazil have come up with the Speaking Exchange project which connects their students with senior Americans living in retirement homes. Based on the insight that the elderly need someone to talk to and language students need to practice their english, CNA and agency FCB Brasil have created an … Check it out ▸

Coke Creates Phone Booth That Accepts Bottle Caps Instead Of Coins For UAE Workers To Call Home

Coke – Hello Happiness Phone Booth

Every day, thousands of South Asian labourers arrive to Dubai to work for a better future. They do it to support their family and to provide better education for their kids back home. They long to hear their voice every day, even for a couple of minutes. But with an average income of $6 per day, they have to pay up to $0.91/min to call home, making it nearly … Check it out ▸

Designer’s Guide To What Clients Really Mean When Providing Feedback


Designers, we salute you. No one takes more client crap than you (except coders). Everyday in office is an anger management exercise for you. Everyone knows Photoshop is just as easy as MS Word and all it takes is 2 clicks to create the next Mona Lisa. Not everyone can become a writer but everyone has an inborn desire to design, specially the clients. In … Check it out ▸

Inspirational Poem Against Social Media Gets 20 Million Views In 10 Days (Ironically)


Talk about irony. Writer and director Gary Turk's 5-minute video featuring a spoken word poem highlighting society's addiction to the internet, social media and mobile phones has received almost 20 million online views in just 10 days. … Check it out ▸

Draw Solid Objects In Thin Air With The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen


Tech-lovers, artists, designers and just about everyone will drool over this marvellous piece of technology that'll top your list of must-have items this year. The LIX 3D printing pen is the smallest 3D printing pen in the world and let's you draw solid shapes and objects in thin air. … Check it out ▸