29 Effective Ways To Stay Creative

We’re all short of creative juice at some point of time. The daily hustle leaves us with little time to recharge our batteries and sharpen our skills. Today’s high pressure environment coupled with stiff deadlines can sometimes drag your morale down and that killer idea/design might seem hard to achieve. In times like these, having a positive attitude is what makes a difference. It’s best to believe that this is a temporary phase, which shall pass. Avoid questioning your abilities and contemplating wether you’ve ‘lost the edge’.

If you’re in the middle of such a creative drought here are 29 solid ways to get back to your rocking self. You might be aware of a few, but there are some insightful new ones that make this video all the more share-worthy. Not to forget the excellent use of animation and typography by the guys at ToFu Design, a motion graphics studio located in the beautiful Hokkaido island of Japan.

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