These Designers Turned Idiotic Client Feedback Into Funny Posters For Charity

Led by graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy, the Irish creative community collated all the nonsensical client feedback they’ve received over the years and created these super-funny posters for charity. Designers, illustrators, animators and advertising creatives came together for this noble cause and exhibited their posters at The Little Green Cafe & Bar in Dublin. Each entry was sold for €10, with the proceeds going to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Check out the best ones below.

10. Let’s start with this priceless germ…err…gem

Client Feedback Poster #10


9. Granny doesn’t always know best

Client Feedback Poster #9


8. Santa’s gonna need a new outfit this year

Client Feedback Poster #8


7. This deserves an animated response

Client Feedback Poster #7


6. Yes, you are the target audience for this one

Client Feedback Poster #6


5. I hear you…

Client Feedback Poster #2


4. Sony, Nokia, Facebook – are u paying attention?

Client Feedback Poster #4


3. The mother of all Google searches

Client Feedback Poster #3


2. The elephant’s ass is the perfect response to this one

Client Feedback Poster #5


1. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Client Feedback Poster #1

Talk about channeling your energy towards something constructive. Kudos to everyone involved. Which poster did you find the funniest? What’s the worst client feedback you’ve ever received? Share this post and your views in the comments below.

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