Idiotic Client Feedback Turned Into Hilarious Art For Charity

If you ever thought your client’s feedback was totally useless, thing again.

The Irish creative community has used nonsensical feedback from their clients to create super-funny posters for sale, with the proceeds going to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Designers, illustrators, advertising creatives, etc. came together for this noble cause and exhibited their posters at a local cafe. Each entry was sold for €10. The exhibition ran from November 2nd – 7th, 2012.

Our Top 10

At number 10, is this priceless germ….err….gem.

Client Feedback Poster #10

And you thought granny knows best…check out number 9.

Client Feedback Poster #9

It’s gonna be a dull Christmas for the guy who designed this poster at number 8.

Client Feedback Poster #8

Number 7 deserves an animated response.

Client Feedback Poster #7

Yes, you are the target audience for number 6.

Client Feedback Poster #6

The elephant’s ass is the perfect response to this client feedback at number 5.

Client Feedback Poster #5

Sony, Nokia, Facebook – are u paying attention to number 4?

Client Feedback Poster #4

The mother of all Google searches…at number 3.

Client Feedback Poster #3

I hear you, number 2.

Client Feedback Poster #2

Hahahahahahahahaha @ number 1.

Client Feedback Poster #1

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