Sony Makes Fun Of Xbox One, Gets 11 Million YouTube Views In 4 Days

You don’t create viral content. You create content that goes viral, if done right.

A little background:

One of the problems gamers had with the Xbox One was that Microsoft was planning to levy a ‘license sharing’ fee if you share/trade games with your friends. The software giant later confirmed it has left it up to the developers to decide wether trading will be permitted. Amidst all this controversy, Sony decided to have some fun and came up with this 22 second 16 second video showing how easy it is to share Playstation games with your friends. The video has skyrocketed to the top of the viral charts ever since and has received over 11 million YouTube views since it was uploaded 4 days back. That’s close to 4000 views per minute!

Check it out below:

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