Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 Mini And S3 Mini Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trends come, trends go…only to come back again. Remember those humoungous cellular phones of the 90s? Then came the sleek/thin devices of the 2000s with mobile manufacturers competing over who makes the smallest/lightest handsets. The smartphone revolution followed and physical keyboards gave way to touch-screens. Now big devices are once again back in vogue with manufacturers like Samsung successfully selling millions of its Galaxy handsets with tablet-like 5+ inch screens.

In a continuous effort to expand market share and cater to those who can’t manage a huge ‘phablet’ device, Samsung launched the S4 Mini last week. Wether you’re contemplating buying the Galaxy S4, the S4 Mini or opting for a killer deal on the S3 mini, this handy infographic compares the specs on all 3 devices so you know which one’s just right for you.


Infographic © AndroidPIT/Samsung

Galaxy S4 Mini Review:

Check out PhoneArena’s hands on review of the Galaxy S4 Mini and comparison with its bigger cousin, the S4.

Here’s another one by

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  1. Katie Hopkins says

    The S4 Mini is a bit too expensive. A better option is the Galaxy S3 which is available for almost the same price as the S4 Mini.

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