Photoshop Street Prank Video Gets Over 9 Million YouTube Views In 3 Days!

Adobe Photoshop’s Street Retouch Prank video has skyrocketed to the top of the viral charts with over 9.2 million YouTube views and 300,000 Facebook shares within just 3 days!

The video consists of Photoshop expert Erik Johansson operating from a van parked next to a bus stop where the poster board has been rigged into an electronic display. The crew inside the van take pictures of unsuspecting passengers and Erik photoshops them into all sorts of funny ads that are then displayed on the electronic display at the bus stop. Passengers waiting for the bus are more than amused to find their pictures displayed on the screen and the reactions are captured on camera.

The idea behind the prank was to promote Adobe’s Creative Days event where they bring in industry pros and experts to share their experiences, learnings and unveil what’s coming next.


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