Funny Clip Shows People Reviewing The iPad, Mistaking It For The New iPhone

Last year, we posted a funny clip showing people reviewing the iPhone 4S mistaking it for the (then newly launched) iPhone 5. You could say that was pardonable since not everyone would know the difference between older/newer phone models. But what about mistaking an iPad tablet for an iPhone?

Jimmy Kemmel Captures People's Reaction To The iPhone 5S After Being Handed An iPad Mini

Comedian Jimmy Kemmel’s crew went down Hollywood Boulevard once again, this time to capture people’s reaction to the newly launched iPhone 5s. The catch? They handed people an iPad mini and told them that was the new iPhone. Watch this clip for more.

It’s funny when Jimmy Kemmel says “This is as close as America gets to having a royal baby”, because he’s not entirely kidding. Every time Apple is about to launch a new phone, the online/offline world is filled with rumors, speculations, opinions and more. After launch, all hell breaks loose with Apple-fans on one side and Android/Samsung/HTC users indulging in iBashing on the other. These days, the product launch videos featuring Jonathan Ive are spoofed within a few hours from release. Last year, there was even this animated parody that showed Steve Jobs rising from the dead to launch the iPhone 5. Hilarious stuff!

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