22 Insanely Funny Graphs That Expose The Truth Behind Online Behaviour

Funny Facts About Digital Media

Almost everyone who's active on digital and social media will relate to these hilarious pieces of satirical wisdom that accurately depict stereotypical behaviour online. We've filtered these 22 digital media-related graphs from the many cool ones you'll find on Truth Facts, a website dedicated to depicting the funny side of everyday life via illustrations … [Read more...]

How The Digital World Fuels The Physical Economy


The Internet has had a tremendous impact on the physical economy over the years. As global Internet usage increases, there's no doubt we'll see a furthered fueling of the gross domestic product. FEInternational just released a new infographic that takes an in-depth look into "How the Digital World Fuels the Physical Economy." … [Read more...]

Beer or Coffee – Which Makes You More Creative? Here’s The Answer!


Creative folk across the globe have their individual preferences when it comes to these two. But this brilliant infographic attempts to logically answer the age-old question - which drink sparks more creativity - coffee or beer? It also tells you the effect they have on your brain, the good, the bad and which one to drink when. … [Read more...]

Are You The Most Annoying Person On Facebook?


God created man. Man created Facebook. Facebook created the social media wannabe (or was it Orkut?). Check out this hilarious infographic that lists the top 10 most annoying types of Facebook users as per a recent poll. If you've got more than 7 of these on your list, it's time to close your account and take a digital detox starting now. If you're honest … [Read more...]

An Interesting World Map Of The Most Visited Websites Per Country


Check out this insightful world map of the most popular websites per country/region. Neighboring countries with common top sites have been merged which is why some of them might appear distorted. While Google (red) dominates the west, Baidu (the Chinese equivalent of Google) dominates eastern Asia and parts of Europe. … [Read more...]

30 Super Cool Gadgets, Gizmos And Unique Gift Ideas


Check out these 30 cool gadgets and gizmos via GizmoJockey.com - a fun website that showcases the coolest gadgets available online. You’ll find wacky gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues. If nothing, you’ll enjoy browsing through the products just for fun. … [Read more...]