Volkswagen Drives Over 150,000 Tweets In 8 Hours With POLOWERS Campaign

How do you become your country’s no.1 trending topic on Twitter for a day? Well, if you’re Volkswagen, you organise a race. And if your car is targeted towards the young digital-savvy crowd, you organise a tweet-race that propels your brand to the top spot on the trend list at a speed of 5 tweets per second.

Volkswagen Spain and DDB came up with the POLOWERS Grand Prix (full marks if you cracked the ‘Polowers = Polo + Followers’ mash-up). They integrated the Twitter API into the Polowers microsite and asked users to become followers to participate in the race. Every time a participant tweeted using the #polowers hashtag, a virtual Polo on the microsite would advance a few metres. The person to send the last tweet before the Polo crossed the virtual finish line, would win the car.

Virtual Polo Tweet Race

The campaign resulted in over 150,000 tweets in just 8 hours reaching 10% of Spain’s total Twitter audience. The Polo section on Volkswagen Spain’s website received a record number of visits. Know more in this case-study video below:

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