Samsung Promotes Galaxy S4 Eye Sensor With 60 Minute Staring Contest

The Galaxy S4 comes with a built-in eye sensor that pauses your video when you look away from the screen and plays it back when you return. The sensor also keeps the screen lit when it detects the user is looking towards it (click here for a full list of features). To promote all these goodies Samsung and Swisscom came up with this cool marketing stunt titled “All Eyes On S4”.

They installed an interactive kiosk in the middle of the Zurich Main Station that rewarded contestants with an S4 handset as long as they could stare at the screen for 60 minutes.


Participants were allowed to blink but even the slightest look elsewhere would result in disqualification.  Sounds easy? Well it wasn’t because Swisscom hired everything from actors and stuntmen to dogs and hot dog vendors to try and distract the participants!




Watch the stunt in action below:

This case study video has received over 3.5 million views on YouTube ever since it was uploaded ten days ago.

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