Pepsi “Bus Levitation” Stunt Gets 3.5 Million YouTube Views In 1 Week

Pepsi roped in British illusionist Dynamo for this eye-catching stunt that wowed Londoners last week. The magician seemed to be floating alongside a double decker bus, leaning his arm on the roof with his feet in mid air.

Image source: Instagram

The stunt was part of Pepsi Max’s #LiveForNow campaign. The promo video (below) has gone viral with 3.5 million YouTube views and 35,000 Facebook shares ever since it was uploaded last week.

Watch the stunt in action below:

How is it done?

According to, the arm resting on the bus is actually a metal rod fixed to a concealed body suit supporting the magician’s weight. His real arm is tucked inside his chest. The fact that Dynamo never moves his fingers on the ‘fake’ arm supports this theory. Sometime back German street artist Johan Lorbeer had performed a similar stunt in France, Spain and Egypt.

Here’s a pic of the fake arm Johan used for his stunt.

Image source:

Great work by Pepsi though. The stunt’s got everyone talking. Mission accomplished. 😉

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