Coke ‘Small World’ Vending Machines Bring Indians And Pakistanis Together

You don’t become the most valuable brand in the world 13 times in a row for nothing. Coke is known for its simple yet powerful campaigns, true to its ‘Open Happiness’ brand slogan and this one’s no exception.

In March 2013, Coke launched the “Small World Machines” initiative – they created vending machines that brought people from conflicting countries (India and Pakistan in this case) together to complete a series of simple tasks via a two-way interactive touch screen display. Tasks included touching hands, dancing, drawing peace, love and happiness symbols etc. Both participants were rewarded with a coke on successful completion of the task, spreading smiles, laughter and happiness all along. Brilliant!





The funny bit is it took an Australian agency (Leo Burnett Sydney) to come up with something like this. Creative directors in India and Pakistan – here’s an idea that should have been conceptualized and executed from your end.

Watch the machine in action:

Here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ teaser released in March:

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