Brilliant QR Code Campaign Lets You Extend ‘Happy Hour’ At Pubs

For most guys, this is probably the most innovative use of QR codes ever.

The Budweiser Clock (Budclock) puts you in control of happy-hour. Every time you purchase a Budweiser you recieve a QR code. Scan that code at the Budclock and increase happy-hour by one minute. It’s that simple. Watch the video below.

Y&R Ecuador, the agency behind this campaign, claims to have extended happy-hours by 6000 minutes and reached over 50,000 people.

A definite question that comes to mind is how would they manage to serve alcohol beyond a legally permitted time? You would need a place to be open and serving booze 24 hours to be able to handle a promotion like this. Or perhaps a cut-off time ensures no more extensions after a certain point.

Would you like to see a Budclock in your neighborhood bar? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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