Funny Department Store Ad Shows Real-Life Shoplifters Caught Red-Handed


British department store Harvey Nichols has come up with an amusing ad to promote its rewards app. The 90-second video features real CCTV footage of shoplifters caught in the act and trying to escape. Their faces were obscured with funny animations to protect their identity. The tagline at the end says "Love freebies? Get them legally". Check it out below. … [Read more...]

These Cute Illustrated Ads Remind Us To Give Up Our Seats To Pregnant Women


Shanghai-based advertising creative Shiyang He has created a series of cute 3D illustrations that remind us to "stand up for the pregnant". The ads show a pregnant woman with a baby in her womb, standing next to a seated individual with beer and food in their belly. The tagline says "Give up your seat to someone carrying something more important". Check them out below. … [Read more...]

Here’s A Clever Digital Billboard From Fiat That Helps Drivers Parallel Park


Fiat Germany wanted to show how easy parking can be with the 'parking assistant' feature in their cars. They created an interactive video billboard using custom software and ultrasonic sensors that monitored the parking space. Special assistants (which included a Playboy Bunny) then guided the driver into the spot just like a passenger or a bystander would. Check it out in … [Read more...]

If You Love Music And Hate Exercise, Here’s The Perfect App For You


Over 50% of teenagers in Poland don't do any exercise. The Run With Heart Foundation found a way to encourage them by rewarding them with the one thing most of them love – music. They collaborated with Warner, Universal and Sony and created a mobile website called Moving Tracks, where teens can listen to new tracks, but on one condition – the song only plays when they’re … [Read more...]

WWF Uses Photos Taken By Animals And Birds To Raise Money For Endangered Species


To raise funds for the preservation of endangered species, WWF Spain and stock photography site Latinstock came up with a brilliant project titled Animal Copyrights. They mounted lightweight harnesses with tiny cameras on to animals and birds and captured breathtaking views of their natural environment. They then selected the best photos and created a collection that was put up … [Read more...]